Meet Our Coaches

We are THRILLED to have Matti join our coaching staff this year!  We will utilize her talents with one of the older teams.

As a young athlete, I looked up to Matti and her athletic ability in high school and beyond. As an adult she continues to inspire me with her incredible mindset and contagious light.

Matti Krispinsky [14-2]

I am an Ashland native that has loved volleyball for many years. The game was foundational in shaping a lot of my child and young adulthood. Personally, it taught me lessons that I have carried through all seasons and experiences of my life. I learned about my physical ability, problem solving, intuition, and mental/emotional adaptability. I grew in my social/environmental perspective; interpreting body language/patterns, how to communicate, the ways I would like to lead, and the best ways to collaborate or work as a team.

I have long held a special place in my heart for working with, educating, and caring for children and young adults. Not only have I worked with children/young adults in clinical work as a nurse and mental health nurse practitioner but I have taught a handful of youth programs in volleyball and softball in the past.

I love that I have the opportunity to help shape the next generation of volleyball players not only in the game that includes bumps, sets, and spikes but by hopefully offering them new ways of relating to themselves and those around them.

It is my great pleasure to be a coach on Ashland’s very first travel volleyball club! I can’t wait to work with your daughter and alongside you to cultivate an amazing first AVBC season.

Meeting Taylor was God's hand at work. It was a random summer playdate at our kids' preschool playground when I told the stranger sitting next to me that I was starting a volleyball club. The look on her face told me everything I needed to know about her. We jawed on about our volleyball experiences and how much the sport has played such a big role in our lives. The first time I saw Taylor working with athletes in the gym, I knew that our these athletes would be blessed by her.

Taylor Corbin [12-2]

Most of my time these days are spent chasing around my beautiful girls, Sophie (3yrs. old) & Nola (nearly 1) and helping my clients keep up with this crazy real estate market! 

Before my wonderful family, volleyball was LIFE and has been a major influence on the mom, employee and friend that I am today. I started playing in middle school, continued on to play both club and varsity ball through high school. At Kent State I played club and served as the captain of that team.  During that time I was also the assistant Varsity coach at Streetsboro High School. 

The last couple of years I have missed everything about the sport especially the camaraderie that comes along with it. I'm beyond excited for the opportunity to create an environment that encourages these girls to become skilled players and even better teammates - all with the hope that they fall in love with the game just as I did. 

Let’s GO AVBC!

Tricia is a huge asset to AVBC players and coaches alike. Her abundance of coaching experience brings a calm confidence to the gym. I am so grateful for Tricia's commitment to AVBC this year and her willingness to mentor others.

Tricia Bernhard [17u]

I graduated from Crestview High School where I participated in volleyball, basketball, track and softball. My high school volleyball coach is one of the most influential people in my life and is the reason I coach today. While at Crestview my team competed in the state tournament and finished as state runners up. After high school I played college volleyball at Ashland University. I have coached youth, club, middle school, junior varsity and varsity volleyball and have been apart of several successful programs. I have also coached some basketball and softball over the years. I have over 17 years of coaching experience and I’m currently the varsity volleyball coach at Madison Comprehensive High School.

Team sports can teach you so much about life and volleyball is the ultimate team sport. I love how everyone working together can achieve so much more than as individuals. I am excited to be coaching at AVBC. Volleyball is a passion of mine and I truly enjoy sharing the sport that has been such a vital part of my life with others.

My family is also very important to me. I have 3 adult children and a son that is a freshman in high school and a labrador retriever. My husband and I are enjoying watching our youngest participate in football, basketball and track at Ashland High School.

There is no doubt that Aubrey brings a (very welcomed) competitive spirit to AVBC. Her vast experience in coaching is a true testament to her dedication to helping young athletes learn and love this sport. 

Aubrey was one of the first coaches to make the commitment to coach at AVBC and her excitement for the club kept motivations high to bring the club to fruition. 

Thankful for you, Coach Miller!

Aubrey Miller [14-1]

Volleyball has been in my life for almost 20 years. After moving from the private school I went to since kindergarten to the public school in my hometown for middle school, I decided to try out for volleyball to make friends. I never thought it would turn into years of playing, and now coaching at that same level.

I am a graduate of Galion High School where I played volleyball and basketball through the Varsity level, and played travel volleyball with MOJO VBC. I also played a year of club volleyball at Ashland University, and 3 years of club basketball. Through college, I held coaching positions at Galion St. Joseph and even helped coach a co-ed middle school team in Celebration, FL.

I am the Kindergarten/1st grade Intervention Specialist at Crestview, where I also have held the 8th grade volleyball coaching position for the last 10 years, and previously the basketball coaching position for 7 years before stepping away to have more time with my family. I coached 14s/15s with MOJO volleyball throughout this time period until covid brought it to a close. When I heard rumblings of AVBC coming to town, I crossed my fingers we could have a team at this level and started spreading the word and here we are today! I am so excited to be a part of this club in the very first season and even more excited to watch AVBC evolve and make the sport of volleyball more competitive in our area.

In my free time away from the gym and school, I’m with my husband, Troy, and my 3 kids - Hudson (6), Barrett (3), and Aili (10 months). We always seem to be busy doing something—“adventures” as Hudson would say—whether it’s kayaking, hiking, or traveling to the beach, Disney, or our family’s cabin in the Poconos.

What a perfect example of "right place, right time".

Kory and I connected when his daughter and my niece wanted to play club volleyball before their first middle school season. We made it happen by co-coaching and continued that journey through their middle school career. Kory has been such a blessing as he took on more responsibility that allowed me to be at home more with young family. As a coach, he exudes a great balance of calmness and intensity.

I'm very thankful that Kory penciled AVBC into his retirement plan!

Kory Oslie [12-1]

I’ve been a teacher and a coach for 20 years now.  In my free time I’m with my family hanging out or traveling to new places.  My wife Kristin and I have two daughters Aubrey (14) and Makenna (12).  Golf has always been a love of mine but I learned to play volleyball my freshman year in college when I tried out for our men’s team.  After many years of coaching golf and basketball at Mapleton I took over the women’s golf program at Ashland University. I spent three successful years as the golf coach when I decided to step down to spend more time at home with my family.  During my time off, I was asked to be the varsity volleyball coach at Mapleton High School.  I enjoyed the change in sport and the challenge of turning the program around.  I had the privilege to coach a bunch of great hardworking girls for 3 years.  I then decided to retire from coaching to focus on being just dad to cheer on my daughters. As it turns out, I ended up helping coach the last two years at Ashland Middle School for my daughter’s volleyball team.  Natalie and I started with coaching Aubrey’s 6th grade JO team and continued through their 8th grade season.  I have now transitioned to my youngest daughter’s team and will continue to coach her 7th grade middle school team as well. 

This season’s AVBC team I had such a blast.  I was blessed with great girls and families that made this experience so rewarding.